Two-headed eagle, 2018

Coleção Ivani e Jorge Yunes, São Paulo

Pandora's Box Project

Site-specific works built in dialogue with the eclectic private collection, comprised of objects from different periods and provenances and held in a house where the family still lives.

  • "Land Surveyor", topographical land survey in Yunes Residence setting landmarks every 3 meters of its 7000 sqm yard. Rule of alternation in the maintenance of the garden

  • "Land Surveyor", at the garden, conserved areas are interspersed to areas where there is no weed control, pruning or lawn mowing. A grid is then formed

  • "Pillage", every rug in the house removed from its original location and piled up at the Old Masters room

  • On top of the stack lays the rug that already held that position. Furniture and objects are not moved

  • "Pillage" consists as much in the stack itself as in the absence of rugs elsewhere in the house

  • "Homochromy", removal of a work in the Collection that hid the access to a service room. Trompe-l'oeil that portrays the same work in 1:1 scale

  • "Homochromy", trompe-l'oeil over the wall and the door, executed by painters hired by the artist

  • "Trompe-l'oeil", pair of ocular prosthesis crafted by an ocularist based in the eyes of the mistress of the house, Ivani

  • "Trompe-l'oeil", the prosthesis were exhibited in a showcase built-in to the wall, at the watercolors' room

  • "Trompe-l'oeil", ocular prosthesis

  • "Figuration", an owl trained to remain still on top of a column, among objects that portray birds

  • "Figuration"

  • "Figuration"

  • Double-headed eagle, the imposing wooden piece in Yunes Collection that has lent its name to the show, installed at the room where "Figuration" took place

  • "Essential Tremor", audio installation based on the rattling of objects sitting on the showcases of the music room

  • As the visitor passes by the showcases, he listens to the tickling of the objects sitting there. The sound is interrupted once the visitor walks away

  • "Essential Tremor", ivory showcase

  • "Essential Tremor", crystal showcase

  • The pool at Yunes Residence, where the artistic swimming presentation "The Octopus Routine" was performed

  • "The Octopus Routine", artistic swimming performance based on the figure of an octopus